Technical & equipment Questions?

Not sure what replacement part will work or have questions about a part’s function and application? Do you have design questions? We can help.  Our 40+ years of expertise, experience, and knowledge can assist you.

Consulting & Troubleshooting

Is the replacement part no longer made for your equipment? Have design questions about machines you’re building? We can help you find a new parts and provide consulting for your machine builds and maintenance.

Dedicated Supplier & Custom Orders

We keep hundreds of parts on hand and often can fulfill your request the same day.  If you’re a dedicated supplier for a large company, contact us for quotes on single items or large quantities.

About Omega Tech

Omega Tech, Inc. is a distributor of industrial vacuum, automation, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and their related components. We have been in business since 1980 serving various industries in Nebraska and Iowa. We carry inventory and many items can be shipped the same day.

Let Omega Tech, Inc. help keep your machines running. We can help you reduce maintenance downtime, increase production or both. We offer products that solve problems on the production floor.

Technical Question? We'll do our best to get you the best answer.

Do you need to increase efficiency or mitigate a problem on a certain machine.  We are able to assist with troubleshooting, provide designing advise, as well as assist in testing to achieve the ideal solution. Reducing or eliminating the issue with updated components typically results in a production increase and less downtime. The improvements pay for themselves in a relatively short amount time. 

Featured Item:


Building on the air-driven, multistage ejector piCOMPACT®10X, it comes with integrated controls such as on/off valve, blow-off valve, vacuum switch, and energy-saving function, and is built on a configurable platform, making it easy to customize. The upgraded SMART version piCOMPACT®10X SMART also includes smart features that enable predictive maintenance in addition to special preventive features like Leakage Warning, Performance Monitoring Timers, and Vacuum Cycle Counter.

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EOAT Components Now Available. 


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Robot Interface, Mechanical Gripping, Vacuum Gripping, Pneumatics, Cutting, Mounting, Framing, Electrical…

If you don't have time to or can't find the part ... Give us a call!

If you or your company has an item or list of items that are too time consuming for you to find because of other priorities, then contact us and leave the parts list, we’ll find them for you.  If necessary, in some cases we are able to assist with installation whether we’re dealing with a single component or a system.

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Call, Email or Fax your purchase orders to us.  You can also shop in our store.  The store is continually growing and we carry many items not yet shown there.

Technical Assistance

Industrial Vacuum Systems and related components, Automation, Valves, Pneumatic and Hydraulic cylinders are a few examples of the applications we provide assistance for. 


If you’re a dedicated on-site supplier for a large company with specific needs or a buyer with a one time large quantity need, call us for custom quotes.

Manufacturers We Proudly Work With

Product Categories

                                 In some cases we are able to modify existing products to fit applications that have unique requirements.                               Not all of the items we carry appear in our store.  It is a work in progress, however we add and edit regularly. Contact us if you don’t see the specific item you’re looking for.


Venturi Generators, Venturi Cartridges & Mechanical Pumps


A Wide Variety of Cups for most Applications


Mechanical Bag Grippers, End of Arm Components Part Grippers & Sprue Cutters


Whole, Turn-key Solutions for Palletizers, Bridge Cranes, Ergonomic and Heavy Lifting of just about anything.


Nickel Plated Brass and Plastic Pneumatic Connections


NFPA Pneumatic & Hydraulic,  Small Bore Non-Repairable


Solenoid, Directional, Diaphragm and Others


High Quality and Economy for Pressure and Vacuum

For Clean Dry Compressed Air


High Flow for Vacuum and Similar Applications


For NFPA Units


Light Curtains and Safety Mats


Extruded Tslots Profiles and Associated Hardware