Bag Grippers Robot Ready

Piab offers a wide range of End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) for industrial robotic palletizing and de-palletizing operations, which are now on Piab’s website.

Created for both standard and custom configurations, all tools are designed to ensure safety of goods and more importantly, of humans. Due to the robust and smart design of the bag gripping tools, your operational efficiency will be streamlined and maintenance minimal. The EOAT tools are available with variety of options such as pallet handling, slip sheet systems, sensors, etc.

The bag grippers come in three versions:

(FBG) Fixed Bag Width

(ABG) Adjustable Bag Width

(SBG) Servo Adjustable Bag Width

The FBG model is ideal for when you handle only a few bag sizes, the FBG can be re-adjusted within 4 minutes to fit the new bag size. The ABG is for low to medium frequency of bag changes, it can be re-adjusted within 30 seconds to fit the new bag size. The SBG can be adjusted within seconds and is suitable for medium to high frequency of bag changes.

For all models, independent decking plates square-up and align the bag for precise and tight placement on the pallet. Top mounted clamps maintain the EOAT position during robot travel to the pallet which also allows for high spend and precision. Slip sheet and pallet hook options are available to increase the flexibility even further.

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