Bag Grippers

With ever changing needs for automated material handling of all kinds, Mechanical Bag Gripping is increasingly becoming more prolific.  Piab’s recent entry into the gripper market by its purchase of SAS Automation is providing high quality, innovative custom solutions for these types of applications.  These lifters/grippers are designed for 25kg bags to 40kg and 50kg bags.   The grippers move bags containing: Seed, grain, raw materials, dog food, minerals, chemicals etc.  Many options and styles are available and the customer works closely with the engineers to build the best gripper for the job.  The most common units are manually adjustable in under 1 minute for accommodating several bag variables.  Models with servo motors are also available for making adjustments.  Hybrid grippers integrated for vacuum palletizing and depalletizing are available as well.  Attention to detail and use of robust materials & components are primary features that make these grippers a high quality solution for bag handling.  Contact us with any questions.

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