Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is usually defined as monitoring performance and condition of equipment during normal operations. This implies that simply providing a highly efficient, reliable and small enough to integrate vacuum ejectors is no longer enough. Vacuum ejectors powering robotic gripping systems such as suction cups, foam grippers etc. for pick and place applications common e.g. in automotive press shops are the interconnection between the gripping unit and the robot and can provide insights into both sides to ensure a smooth-running system.

Piab’s December 2019 News Letter

Piab’s piCOBOT is that clever EOAT. It is clever because it is configurable and generically compatible, which means it can work with any cobot and smaller industrial robot. But, it is also clever because it is made up of a pump unit that utilizes Piab’s highly efficient vacuum technology and a light-weight gripper unit that can be fitted with suction cups of almost any size and shape thanks to Piab’s extensive range of suction cups.

Bag Grippers

With ever changing needs for automated material handling of all kinds, Mechanical Bag Gripping is increasingly becoming more prolific. Piab’s recent entry into the gripper market by its purchase of SAS Automation is providing high quality, innovative custom solutions for these types of applications.

Success Stories

We assisted an engineer working for a local integrator who was designing a lifting device for long lengths of extruded fiberglass and needed assistance selecting vacuum hardware for the job. We helped integrate his custom manifold design with Piab venturi cartridges.